Happy Women’s Day

Today we celebrate the 105th International Women’s Day. We celebrate women who have shaped the world.

Today despite many outstanding female achievements and advances, the event’s original aim of full gender parity has yet to be realized.

international womens day

So today, we continue to support those “girls” who still fight for getting access to education, health, equal conditions to work and the right to make their own decisions concerning their life!equal rights

Let us not just talk the talk, but actually make the change by respecting womankind and her invaluable contribution in society, not just for one day but everyday through our actions.Make sure you’re part of this positive moment & help accelerate gender parity worldwide.

We, in GHN would like to thank all these women, nurses, doctors, health community leaders and volunteers for their contribution. Thank you for continuous being in the front line of health care.

We wish you Happy Women’s Day!

HappyMother's Day

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