GHN Travel Fund – Can you help?

GHN Travel Fund – Can you help?

I need your help: Please meet a couple of our patients that have secured a place for heart surgery from their home country to go to Kauvery Hospital in Chennai, Indiathanks to Dr.R.Prem Sekar, Senior Consultant Paediatric Interventional Cardiologist and his team.

Early next year the first two patients will travel to Chennai for lifesaving care. Mr Rabson Sangwani a 39 year old adult with severe mitral stenosis from Malawi, and toddler Kailyn Ibusubu needing PDA device closure (catheter treatment) from the Philippines.

Funds for the medical costs secured via Samahope crowdfunding platform, private donors and global heart network have made this happen. Further proof that Collaboration is the only path to community impact.

However, friends of GHN I need your help. I want this opportunity for both these patients and others on our waitlist to become a reality. Can you make a year-end funding to GHN’s travel fund to help us secure the travel to get there and to achieve this possibility. Every dollar matters. Will you help? GHN’s Travel Fund started 2 years ago, see and has succesfully got patients to care.

Please help us make the dreams of these patients and others come true and contribute to our Travel Fund. Please think about a contribution however small that will provide a new lease of life to those who otherwise do not have an opportunity for this life saving surgery.

Will you please share some holiday love with us to make this possible?

Please donate via Paypal:


Heartfelt thanks

Annabel and the GHN Team

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