JOY is a single mum in Phillipines whose daughter Kaitlyn needs PDA device closure.

PRITHI is a GHN Intern who recently worked for us in Chennai at our member hospitals

Dr SEKAR is a GHN Member, and Interventional Cardiologist at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, India

The cost of the procedure is 1500 USD at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, India.We are currently working with Joy to help try to secure funding for travel to get Katilyn as fast as possible to needed care.

This is one small, yet ENORMOUS example of the GHN Network in ACTION.  It also illustrates the need for a a solid network to help each other and get patients to care where they would otherwise be unable to.

As we continue to build our network and empower collaboration we will be welcoming in December our first Executive Director/CEO, Myrto Petropoulou.  To help Myrto hit the ground running we  want you to share your ideas and help us understand GHN’s impact by completing our simple GHN IMPACT SURVEY

Share your frank opinions, ideas and advice with Global Heart Network, and help us to connect under served cardiac patients with the education, support, access and advocacy they require.  Our survey remains open until 5th November 2015.

More about Myrto in the next Newsletter!

Many thanks and please do find time to do the Survey

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