Blessings for 2015 from Global Heart Network

May 2015 bring all blessings and good fortune to Global Heart Network’s stakeholders and all those you serve.

Thank you so much for being an early member of our site, Your participation to do more together, to help increase access to cardiac care is important!

As part of the “Sharing Economy” we are firm believers in the idea of free sharing, providing resources to needs to help serve our heart communities around the world.
GHN Matchmaking Platform

We are currently reviewing how to achieve the critical mass necessary to make our service viable. We truly believe in the viability of matching needs with resources; indeed we were the first system out there in the humanitarian arena, but perhaps the market needs to catch up, until more people are ready to embrace this idea.

In the meantime, we hope that you will consider providing us with feedback to help improve the system, It’s a terrific way to build community and get to know each other, and find solutions to disparate needs.

We can’t thank you enough for riding along with us on our initial journey.


Happy New Year


Best wishes




Coming Together Is a Beginning.
Keeping Together Is Progress.
Working Together Is Success.

Henry Ford

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