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Social Impact Conference

Annabel Lavielle attended Wharton’s San Francisco Social Impact Conference on April 10th where she met with members of the Silicon Valley’s social impact communities. Amongst some great discussions around impact investing, social innovation and health care, she was reminded of the speech President Clinton gave when presenting at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in 2008, one of the inspirations to the founding of Global Heart Network. 


“If we want to build a stronger more sustainable world for future generations, one with more partners, and fewer enemies we have to work together”

 While CGI brings leaders together to discuss and learn about issues, their real focus is on action and measurable results. CGI participants’ commitments have given more than 8 million children access to improved education and more than 11 million access to better health care.

While GHN is still in its pilot phase, we are convinced that as we build an improved system in partnership with our cardiac health care professionals in low and middle-income countries we will continue to save more lives.  


Registry of Health Care Institutions in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

 As GHN previously announced, we have been diligently working on a registry of health care institutions (Hospitals and Clinics) working in cardiac care in LMICs. Currently we are in the data collection phase to help us start the template for the registry of health care institutions. We have already engaged in conversations with hospitals in India, Nigeria, Lebanon, Vietnam and Argentina to provide us with some comprehensive data that will allow us to create the appropriate template for a global registry of cardiothoracic infrastructure (RHDs and CHDs) in LMICs. We already have data from Vietnam and Beirut and hope to hear back from many of the other hospitals we have engaged with in the next few days. The template application will then be launched online via www.globalheartnetwork, and will be compatible with ALL phones. GHN will periodically provide updates as we continue to build this invaluable registry.



Global Heart Network Saving Lives 

GHN has been working closely in the past months with Mark and Beatrice in order to get them the surgeries they need. Mark Lawrence Jaleco’s visa was accepted and will be flying from Manila to Geneva for his surgery in May. Beatrice Bature’s visa has also been accepted and she will be flying to Geneva for her pacemaker Installation.



Join us on Silicon Valley Gives Day!


Access to lifesaving cardiac care is limited to the most affluent areas of the world and those with the most resources.

Currently 93% of individuals born outside Europe, Australia and North America with a heart defect, have little or no access to cardiac care.

In an effort to address one of the greatest health equity gaps worldwide and to find solutions to desperate needs of cardiac patients in low and middle income countries, Global Heart Network has created a travel fund to help get patients to life saving surgery. 

We started this initiative in December 2013 with the #Giving Tuesday Campaign, and we are continuing with an objective to raise an extra $5000 for this amazing Travel Fund. By coming together with Silicon Valley Gives we not only hope to continue our travel fund campaign, but also want to raise awareness and discussion on the need for global access to cardiac care. On May 6, 2014, our community will come together for Silicon Valley Gives, and we need YOU to join us!  Silicon Valley Gives will feature 24 hours of unprecedented nonprofit giving-and it’s your chance to make a real difference, right here in our community.

Global Heart Network is one of the many local nonprofits participating in Silicon Valley Gives.  Together, we have the opportunity to raise unprecedented funding to provide access to cardiac care for our patients.

 Please join us in these efforts by:

  • Mark the day on your calendar.  May 6, 2014 is Silicon Valley Gives Day!
  • Tell your friends, relatives, contacts and followers about Global Heart Network. Ask them to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  • Support Global Heart Network with an online donation at: 
  • Encourage your friends, relatives, contacts and followers to donate online to Global Heart Network on May 6th.
  • Watch for information about special matching opportunities and contests.  Opportunities include hourly “rally” prizes for the nonprofit that has the most individual gifts in an hour, every hour for 24 hours on May 6, 2014.

Details on these special opportunities will be announced on our website at and throughout the day, May 6, 2014, on Facebook and Twitter.

 To learn more about Silicon Valley Gives, please visit  For questions about Global Heart Network, please contact Sangeeta Tiwari, at

Thank you for your support

The Global Heart Network team



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  1. Mirazel Vicedo

    I am filipino citizen and honestly not so fluent to english grammar so i understand the content not so well but I hope this is my chance to find some helps for my son. His name is ace brylie causapin,he was diagnosed for congenital heart disease. He is one year and 7 months as of now. I’m having difficulties for finding help for my son. He need an open heart surgery ,,but I’m a low profile citizen and hopeless for my son’s survival,,but in God’s long as he is alive I still believe he can make it to have a long life,.please I need help.


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