GHN continues to build partnerships

As you know, Global Heart Network ( is a community collaborative platform bringing together stakeholders, members and partners working in cardiac care, all eager to give as well as receive, to work and share together, to increase access to cardiac care in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). Our members are stakeholders, Healthcare professionals, NGOs, Patients, Volunteers, National and Local Governments, Policy makers and Foundations who are collaboratively engaging on the platform. A member can also become a supporting partner who brings high quality resources to the platform and help build the capacity for institutional change.

Below are some examples of this week’s collaboration within the GHN Network:

 Moms Against Poverty

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.04.29 PM

Moms Against Poverty (MAP) is a USA nonprofit 501c3 whose mission is to nurture and educate children in need to their fullest potential so that one day they can contribute and lead within their own communities; thus breaking the cycle of poverty.


In pursuing its mission, MAP supports Global Heart Network’s Travel Fund which has been created to help cover lodging, airfare and administrative formalities to get heart patients to surgery.  MAP’s initial and generous donation of $1,000 will be put to use immediately. These urgently needed funds will help us get a patient form the Philippines to Geneva for Open Heart Surgery, contingent his visa approval. We will keep you posted as we put do our best to get this patient surgery.  Global Heart Network would like to thank MAP CEO Mrs. Delfarib Fanaie and her team for such valuable support, and look forward to a growing relationship with their organization.

Natangue Senegal

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 1.05.16 PM

Global Heart Network has a flourishing working relationship with French NGO Natangue Senegal, and CEO Elena Malagodi who work in Mbour, where they have built schools. Recent projects include the building of a clinic, and GHN is working to find members in the network that may be able to organize a cardiac diagnostic camp for pupils.  GHN introduced Natangue Senegal to Italian NGO Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo – A.I.C.I. ONLUS and renowned surgeon Professor Alessandro Frigiola who with French NGO La Chaine de l’Espoir are working on the creation of a sustainable cardiac center (25 to 40 beds) in Senegal’s capital Dakar. This project will be invaluable for the desperate need in Senegal for care of heart patients. The project is underway and we hope will be completed by the year-end.

On a recent trip to San Francisco we introduced our Natangue friends to MAP to explore opportunities of collaboration in Senegal.  Discussions are ongoing.

Elena and Delfarib
Elena and Delfarib

Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam


Thanks to GHN supporter Stephen Wilson, we also met with NGO International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam and it’s co-founder Joseph Dao N. Vu in early March to introduce our network to them and learn more about their work for Children in Vietnam. Vietnam is both an area of extreme need for better pediatric cardiac care and a nation in which there is rapid formation of wealth. We welcome International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, its members and its specialist to our network.

Registry of health care institutions in low and middle income countries

As we explained in our last blog, we are working on a project that will act as the basis for further development of our technology by creating a registry of health care institutions (hospitals, clinics) in LMICs that provide cardiac services.

The development of a registry of health care institutions (hospitals, clinics) in low and middle income countries (LMICs) that provide cardiac services is being conducted by my colleague Rostyslav Kuzyakiv MD, PhD. Dr. Kuzyakiv is currently employed as Scientific Collaborator at the Surgery Department of Geneva University Hospital under the supervision of Professor Kalangos and through the support of Global Heart Network to build this registry.  Initially, the registry plans on storing the information on cardiac diagnostic and surgical treatment activities available in the selected LMICs. Through the analysis and visualization of the population- and country- level needs, the GHN platform will be able to show where the needs are and help influence how resources are distributed as well as provide valuable information for the GHN members available services.

According to our objectives, the collected, analyzed and visualized information will simplify the communication among medical professionals and patients as well as efficiently assist them with finding the best diagnostic or treatment solutions (preferably within the same country).

Also we strongly believe that the proposed registry will significantly enhance the collaboration among NGOs working in pediatric and adult cardiac care. Registered within the GHN, the participating NGOs will have a chance to coordinate their activities (information sharing, coordinated drug and medical equipment distribution) in accordance with the needs and resources available at different cardiothoracic facilities.

Last week we conducted the initial contact of hospitals that have agreed to participate in our work. Data collected from these hospitals (India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Argentina, Vietnam) will help us create a standardized template that we can use as we build the registry.

The proposed registry will significantly enhance the collaboration among NGOs working in pediatric and adult cardiac care, and in so doing honor Global Heart Network’s mission to increase access to cardiac care.


Global Heart Network has developed partnerships with hospitals that offer resources to patients in Low and Middle-income countries, and we are looking to grow these partnerships so that we can match needs with such resources. We are working with all stakeholders to add resources to the network. If you have medical equipment, devices and supplies, funds for travelling, education and training opportunities, or clinical services from diagnostics to open heart surgery capacity, and would like to announce this on our platform, please contact our President Annabel Lavielle,, directly.

Our next blog will be reviewing some of the most recent resources that have been posted on our portal to provide you with an example of how GHN helps match needs to resources. We will be interviewing some NGOs who support the vision of impacting change in cardiac care in Low and Middle-income countries through technology.

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