Moving Forward into the New Year

Annabel launching GHN Technology Conference SF
Annabel launching GHN Technology Conference SF

Dear Friends of Global Heart Network, Members of our network, NGOs, Healthcare Professionals, Governments, and Policy Makers, we wish you all a very Happy New Year.  As you know Global Heart Network’s technology’s main feature matches needs to resources in cardiac care, specifically serving the economically disadvantaged and we hope that you have been able to find use of the preliminary tools that we have developed for you.

Sheryll, one of the patients that GHN was able to help get access to surgery.
Sheryll, one of the patients that GHN was able to help get access to surgery.

Global Heart Network continues its engagement in 2014 to explore new ways to expand and deepen our impact for those suffering from heart disease.  The launch in June 2013 of our platform following the successful Global Forum Conference ( in Geneva has provided us with a confirmed commitment to move forward – below we share with you some of the highlights of 2013 and goals for 2014.

Annabel Meets Dr Cherian and Frontier Lifeline Team in South AFrica
Annabel Meets Dr Cherian and Frontier Lifeline Team in South Africa

2013 Highlights

  • June 2013:  GHN launched new technology– The new homepage made it easier to track the number of visitors, number of Needs postings, number of Resources postings and number of Matches made.
  • Many waiting lists from all over the world of heart patients have been reviewed.  Their dossiers are being reviewed by NGOs in the relevant areas and ideas are being discussed as to how to centralize and review these waiting lists.
  • GHN attended and spoke at major conferences around the world including:
    • South Africa
    • Salt Late City
    • 9th GFHM (Global Forum Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery)
    • Our Pilot Forum on sustainable cardiac capacity in Myanmar proved successful in as much as major players communicated their unanimous agreement that it was necessary to work together with a local stakeholder to ensure that they are successful, and in so doing reducing any duplication of efforts or errors of the past.
Our Chair Professor Kalangos  launching the 2013 Global Forum
Our Chair Professor Kalangos launching the 2013 Global Forum

2014 Goals

  • CVD Registry Research will better map out existing infrastructure to treat cardiac care in low and middle-income countries to promote increased sustainable treatment of cardiac patients in nearby countries.
  • Increase Medical Equipment, Devices and Supplies resources available through the GHN platform
  • NGO Mapping – New research project
  • Conference attendance
  • Crowd-funding partnership with Samahope will be finalized with 3 pilot heart surgeons from India and Beirut.
  • A donor will be helping us achieve a next level of user interface with a brand new technology platform to improve GHN user experience increase matches of resources to
  • October 2014 – 10th Global Forum Humanitarian Medicine in Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Memphis, TN, USA.
  • Improve upon South-South collaboration in the field of cardiac surgery.  Including the continuation of #GivingTuesday campaign which is our first effort to raise travel funds for South-South collaboration which aimed at providing 10 vulnerable patients from Nigeria, Tanzania and Liberia surgery in Cameroon.

giving tuesday logo

As you read the Highlights of 2013 and Goals for 2014, remember that ultimately all this is aimed at achieving our goal of Collaboration through technological tools that hold the promise that we can together increase access to cardiac care and help influence strengthening health care systems for cardiovascular disease, diagnostics to surgery. Global Heart Network remains committed as a platform of the future that will build on its track record, listen to our members to implement and achieve more sustainable impact TOGETHER.

Please continue to work with us to secure our GHN’s mission is to harness the power of state of the art technology to increase access to cardiac care to economically disadvantaged patients in LMICs.  The platform has been built as a tool for all stakeholders to increase their impact.  Let us continue to support you.  Please contact me if you have any queries or comments.

Special Thanks to the GHN Team

USF Team - Technology COnference GHN Organized August 2013

Huge thank you to our volunteers in 2013 for their engagement and help little or large to move forward Global Heart Network’s Mission. This includes, but is not limited to some GHN users:  Patricia Colomb, Marine Dubois, Laura Gross-Serman, Pascale Tilmant, Majrorie Boer, Nick Hu, Matt Savage, Gabriel Fregoso and so many others that have touched our journey at GHN. An extra special heart-felt thanks for her enthusiasm, engagement and commitment to the GHN cause to Pauline Paoli who spent 6 months working in San Francisco with Annabel. As always let us not forget the all the work of the GHN GHN board and the vital role they play in keeping GHN a growing platform.


Play a Bigger Role in GHN

Technology Conference 1

If GHN’s cause appeals to you or you feel like you can contribute to the network, we encourage you to follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Weekly Blog. Every person that joins the GHN network makes takes us one step closer to our goal of global collaboration, so please encourage friends and family to join us in our cause. GHN encourages users to submit content on how GHN can or has helped their cause. GHN is here for you and to help you achieve your goals in improving access to cardiac surgery around the world, so please do not hesitate to take advantage of our resources.  Please share some your stories with us by sending it to and we will highlight it in on our weekly blog/social media.

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