Happy New Year

Dear Friends

Happy New Year!  Today 1st January we pause to look back, cherishing what was good, and then pause to look forward, encouraging what we hope will be great for all. When flipping my GHN calendar, I focus most on gratefulness and thoughts of how 2013 just rushed past with projects, activities and an endless moveable feast. I think of all the incredible people I have met that have encouraged us at Global Heart Network to work together and focus with integrity on our commitment to help increase access to cardiac care. I am thankful for experiences that fill my heart and thrill my mind and opportunities to gracefully touch others’ lives.  If GHN’s cause appeals to you or you feel like you can contribute to the network, I encourage you to follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Weekly Blog. Every person that joins the GHN network makes takes us one step closer to our goal of global collaboration, so please encourage friends and family to join us in our cause. GHN encourages users to submit content the on how GHN can or has helped their cause. If you or a friend has a story you want to share, please do not hesitate to send it to Gabriel@globalhealthnetwork.net and we will highlight it in on our weekly blog.

Also by contributing to Global Heart Network’s Travel Fund you can help provide lifesaving care for patients waiting for lifesaving heart surgery. Your gift will allow 10 vulnerable patients from Nigeria, Tanzania and Liberia receive surgery in Cameroon. 


From our GHN home to yours, and on behalf of all the children, women and men who will enter the New Year with renewed hope for heart surgery because of your generosity, thank you. Have a wonderful 2014! 

In January we will be sharing on our blog some of our objectives for 2014, and starting an impact survey, as well as looking at some of the impact that we envisage a platform such as GHN is bringing to the global health community and sharing with you some wonderful stories like that of Sheryl in the photo below.   We have a huge journey ahead, but little by little as we work together we can help reach those who would otherwise not have access to healthcare – please continue to support together GLOBAL HEART NETWORK and contribute to our platform – stakeholders sign up at http://www.globalheartnetwork.net.

Best wishesImage

The GHN Team

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