This week at Global Hear Network: Travel Fund Campaign and more!

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Hello once again to all the readers of Global Heart Network’s weekly blog. This week we have a ton of exciting news about things going on around GHN! Last week we kicked off our #GivingTuesday campaign to fundraise for our travel fund, but this week we really want to emphasize its importance and impact such a fund will have. Through our campaign we hope to raise $10,000 for our travel fund for pediatric cardiac patients to get access to the surgeries they need. With this initial fundraising goal, we hope to get 10 children in need of heart surgery from Nigeria, Liberia, and Tanzania to the General Hospital in Yaounde Cameroon where world-renowned surgeon Professor Kalangos will conduct their surgeries with the belief that no one should ever be denied because of where they were born.

Here at GHN we want to emphasize that all funds raised will be going to provide not just 1 surgery, but 10 surgeries!! The typical humanitarian surgery model entails flying out a patient from their home country to a 1st world country’s hospital, limiting the impact funds can make. Here at GHN we believe that “Where you are born with heart disease, should not dictate whether you live or die,“ so we are making it our mission to use funds in a sustainable manner. By bringing the surgeons, supplies, volunteers and patients together at a local surgical center, we are able to greatly reduce the cost, allowing for many more patients the access to surgeries they need.

We are proud to announce that we have just launched our campaign video to give better visibility to the travel fund campaign and its mission. Pretty soon our video will be live on the Razoo Video Challenge site where GHN has the opportunity to raise $2000 if our video is selected. Keep a look out on our social media platforms to get notified when our video goes live on the Razoo site. If you are interested in supporting the campaign please visit our GivingTuesday page and donate to the cause through our partners Razoo .

Children's Heart Nation

Our Partner: Children’s Heart Nation

This week blog we would also like to introduce a new weekly segment about our partners Children’s Heart Nation! Children’s Heart Nation began when a group of 4 friends interested in childhood disease began a year long journey across the world conducting interviews with prominent figures in the field of children’s heart disease in order to get a first had look at what is going on in each country that creates unique challenges in addressing access Congenital Heart Disease surgery. Throughout their journey Rémi, Romain, Francois and Paul blogged about key interviews, talks and encounters that they thought were important in painting a picture each countries situation. Along the way the four friends were able to collect €27,300 that were able to provide 2 children the access to the cardiac surgeries they needed. They were able to collect a staggering amount of funds, but both Children’s Heart Nation and GHN both agree that there is a need to move towards a more sustainable model, leading to the inspiration of GHN campaign to raise money for our travel fund. In the coming weeks GHN will select and translate excerpts from the Children’s Heart Nation travel blog that we feel highlight important details in of what is going in the world of global access surgical treatment. To learn more about Children’s Heart Nation or to read their blog visit their site at .

Revamped Website

This week we would also like to highlight the revamping of the homepage in order to facilitate collaboration amongst those working in the field of global access to treatment for children suffering from congenital heart disease. Also important to note is that the “Get Involved” tab will now become the “Campaign” tab in order to highlight GHN’s campaigns such as our #GivingTuesday Travel Fund campaign. In the next weeks you should also expect changes to the dashboard as part our mission to facilitate collaboration amongst Global Heart Network members.

Our Mission

For those of you not familiar with our organization, our mission at GHN is to increase access to cardiac care in low and middle-income countries.  With our first year officially under our belt, we are working on the redesign and the launch of GHN 2.0 for 2014. We want to make a pivot in our model – . Our concept is around co-coordinating, improving and managing services relating to Heart matters in underdeveloped countries. Actually in essence we are an online peer-to-peer matchmaking platform facilitating “matchmaking” between network members to find solutions to increase access to cardiac care in low and middle-income countries. Check GHN out at to become active part of the battle against congenital heart disease and to get connected to others like you that want to make a difference.

If GHN’s cause appeals to you or you feel like you can contribute to the network, I encourage you to follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Weekly Blog. Every person that joins the GHN network makes takes us one step closer to our goal of global collaboration, so please encourage friends and family to join us in our cause. GHN encourages users to submit content the on how GHN can or has helped their cause. If you or a friend has a story you want to share, please do not hesitate to send it to and we will highlight it in on our weekly blog.

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