Global Heart Network Foundation (GHN),, is a global not-for-profit health collaborative focusing on the provision of cardiac care in middle and low-income countries.   Although relatively well managed in more developed countries, the incidence and prevalence of cardiac diseases continues to increase in emerging economies.  Unfortunately these emerging economies are under resourced and unable to provide sufficient levels of care.  In response to a need for a more organized and rational approach to the delivery of care in these geographies GHN has developed an online  platform to help the global burden of cardiac surgical procedures.   The platform has been designed to serve professionals within the not-for-profit, philanthropic, government, and international development sectors, as well as medical personnel, volunteers and the patients. 
The GHN platform acts as a conduit for  users to collaborate across the globe, whether it be the sharing of best practice in cardiac care or helping charities resource clinical campaigns across geographies  GHN’s platform breaks down the silos between people and organizations, through streamlining communication, encouraging coordination and collaboration.   GHN’s goal is to effect change in reducing the global inequality of access to cardiac care through collaboration, changing the way cardiology services are delivered.

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